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Adults and Teenagers Sport Kickboxing

Kickboxing combines the punches of boxing with the kicks of various martial arts styles. At our classes the emphasis is based on kicking and punching drills. Most of the training in our class is practiced on focus pads, kick shields and kick bags. Kickboxing also offers a great aerobic workout. Kickboxing techniques are also ideal for developing self defence skills.

What we offer you

- Explosive Kicking
- Punching Drills
- Fitness Workout
- Combination Drills
- Self Defence
- Fighting Skills
- Pad Workout
- Sparring Training
- Regular Competitions
- Confidence & Self Awareness

Some of the benefit from Kickboxing

- Increase Fitness and Energy

- Stress Relief

- Flexibility

- Co-ordination

- Strength

- Power

Kickboxing Grades
Grading is a necessary part of the path to learning Martial Arts. It is a way to show your
instructors the level of your progress, to identify any areas that need to be worked on and to test
you mentally. The pride and satisfaction from gaining a grade cannot be measured. It is an award
for all the hard work, discipline and commitment that you have shown.


Our Kickboxing grading are as follows.
White, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Brown 2, Black.


Following the black belt grade there are further grades up to 8th dan

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