South East Martial Arts
South East Martial Arts

Adults and Teenagers Southern Style kung Fu

At our Kung Fu lessons we offer our members a traditional Southern Kung Fu style which originates from China. All students are taught the traditional system which includes the practice of open hand and weapons forms, hand and kick blocks, self defence and weaponry. The fighting techniques of the style are based upon the movements of the five shaolin animals dragon, tiger, snake, leopard and crane.

What we offer you

- Kung Fu Forms

- Kung Fu Weaponry

- Great Fitness Workout

- Arm and Kick Blocks

- Self Defence Skills

- Basic Walking Techniques

- Advanced Techniques

- Knife Defence

- Kicking and Punching Skills

Kung Fu Grades
Grading is a necessary part of the path to learning Kung Fu. Grading are usually held every three months for the junior grades: white, blue and orange. The higher grades from yellow sash are assessed over a longer period, due to students having to learn more advanced techniques and weaponry.

Our Kung Fu grading are as follows.
White, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown and Black. Following the black sash grading there are a further 5 degrees of black sash achievable.

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